Scientific Committee

Goals of Committee:

  • Preserve innovation in the field as well as rejuvenating interest, enthusiasm and the participation of more centers in research endeavors
  • Determine suitability of project proposals, provide advice and guidance to the Principle Investigator as well as oversight regarding data analysis and presentation

Roles of Committee:

  • Serve in more comprehensive mentorship roles
  • Help set research priorities within a given content area (i.e. determine what research questions remain unanswered using PHTS data related to rejection, PTLD, CAV, risk modeling, AMR (as subcategory under rejection), MCS, etc. using previous publications as a reference and the historical wisdom of the more senior members
  • Review preliminary project ideas or more fully developed proposals within a given content area work with individual investigators to refine hypotheses and/or methodologies so a more polished proposal could ultimately be reviewed and approved for analysis
  • A senior member from this committee would then assume more primary responsibility for mentoring the study investigator through the stages of analysis, analytic data review, secondary analyses, abstract preparation/presentation and manuscript submission. That individual would then be the senior author for that paper.

Committee Meetings:

  • Meets quarterly to conceive and prioritize potential project ideas guided by their knowledge of previous PHTS publications and an appreciation for the remaining questions the PHTS dataset could answer

2021 Scientific Committee Members

*Committee member terms are January through December of their specified year


Warren Zuckerman, MD
Columbia University – Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian (CPM)

Vice Chair/ Steering/Scientific Liaison

David Peng, MD
University of Michigan, CS Mott Children’s Hospital (MCH)

Past Chair

Jacque Lamour, MD
Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSH)

UAB Representatives

James Kirklin, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham


Michael Kuhn, MD
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (LLU)

Joshua Friedland- Little, MD
Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH)

Estela Azeka, MD
Heart Institute (InCor) University of São Paulo Medical School (SPM)

Karthik Ramakrishnan, MD
Children’s National Health System (CNM)

Jean Ballweg, MD
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (OCH)

Jerry Boyle, MD
Cleveland Clinic Children’s (CCF)

Bennett Pearce, MD
Children’s of Alabama (UAB)

Allied Health and Nursing Representative (SUM)

Donna Lee, RN, CPNP
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford (SUM)