New Study Proposal

The Pediatric Heart Transplant Society holds a ‘Call for Proposals’ twice a year. The fall proposal cycle opens in September of each year and the accepted proposals will be submitted to AHA. The spring proposal cycle opens in February of each year and the accepted proposal will be submitted to ISHLT. All PHTS members are given the opportunity to submit a proposal. Please use the Proposal Application for your proposal. This form is writable. To complete the form, click the gray box and type or paste in your text; double-click checkboxes to check/uncheck.

The proposals are blinded and reviewed by the PHTS Scientific Committee. Submitting authors are notified of the committee’s decision the following months after the final submission date.

Investigators who are planning to submit a proposal are strongly encouraged to reach out to the DCC to obtain specific data frequencies to ensure the feasibility of their proposal. To make a data request, complete the Data Request Form.

Proposal Review Schedule

February 1-28October 1-31Proposal Submission
March 1-30November 1-30Proposal Review by DCC and Scientific Committee
April 1-30December 1-31Notification to investigators
May 1-31January 1-31Enduring Hearts Award Proposal Review

While the PHTS proposal cycles are held in the spring and fall and the majority of proposals are typically submitted to ISHLT and AHA, investigators are not restricted to only submitting to these two meetings. If submitting to another meeting, a detailed timeline will be developed between the investigator and the DCC.

Writing Group Formation and Rotation

  • The PHTS DCC keeps a standing rotating list of centers for invitations to writing groups.
  • As each new proposal is accepted, both DCC analysis and limited datasets, the centers at the top of the list will receive a writing group invitation. This is typically 6 centers per project unless there is a similar high scoring proposal and/or a sponsoring faculty member (for which there may be 4-5 centers invited from the rotating list instead).
  • The rotating list is strictly for the additional centers invited to each writing group. Participation in roles such as first or submitting author, senior author, volunteer efforts, sponsoring faculty members, etc., do not rotate a center to the bottom of the rotating list.
  • If a writing group member moves, the center at which they were at when they accepted the position is the one they will count as.
  • Writing group invitations are sent to the site PI to select the site representative. We encourage rotating this opportunity at your center to allow for junior people and others to be part of this PHTS experience.

Writing Groups will be made up of the following (not necessarily in this order):

  • First Author (submitting author)
  • Second Author (if assigned by the Scientific Committee because of a similar high scoring proposal)
  • Sponsoring faculty (if first author is a trainee)
  • Non Physician Representative (to be chosen by the first author form his or her center
  • DCC Representative (DCC Director)
  • DCC Representative (Statistician)
  • Additional Members (4-6 to be chosen from the rotating list. Number to be determined based on if senior mentor and second author positions are also used)
  • Senior Author (to be assigned by the Scientific Committee, should not be from the same institution as the first author at time of proposal acceptance)

Final authorship on abstracts and manuscripts will be determined based on participation. Writing group members must contribute in a meaningful fashion to fulfill the criteria for authorship for both abstract and manuscript.