Membership Awards


The PHTS Excellence Award for Transplant Coordinators was established to recognize and reward an outstanding transplant coordinator for their dedication, selflessness, nurturing, patience and overall contribution to the field of pediatric heart transplantation.

What qualifies a person for this award?
1. An exceptional act of service
2. Willingness to go the extra mile
3. Attitude
4. Patient satisfaction
5. Overall quality of work

– Any PHTS Transplant Coordinator or Allied Health Professional is eligible.
– Individuals will be considered for nomination based upon achievements at work, loyalty and dependability, helpfulness to fellow employees, specific acts of courage or initiative, selflessness, or other behavior that contributes to the overall quality of life of the pediatric transplant patients.

Nominating Process:
– Any PHTS participating member is eligible to nominate
– All nominations should explain why the nominee exemplifies excellence, using examples and as much detail as possible. All nominations can be sent via email to    
– To be considered for this award, all nominations must be received no later September 30.

Selection Process: 
– Each nominee will be assigned a nomination number.  The original letters are retained by the chairperson of the selection committee and copies sent to committee members
– The Selection Committee will meet and rank the nominees in order of most deserving (1 being the highest) and the nominee who receives the most points will be selected as the recipient.  

Award Process:
The recipient will be recognized at the Annual PHTS Fall Meeting.


The PHTS Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed annually by the Board of Directors on an individual whose lifetime body of work has either:

  1. Made a significant contribution toward improving the care of pediatric patients requiring a heart transplant
  2. Engaged in pioneering work that improved the care of pediatric patients listed for and/or following heart transplantation
  3. Is representative of outstanding dedication and service to the Society
  4. The awardee must be a current or former PHTS member.


The PHTS VANGUARD Award was established to recognize the dedication and commitment of the all the team members at a participating PHTS Center that ultimately contribute to a Center’s success. This award will recognize individual Centers for their outstanding contribution to the Pediatric Heart Transplant Society Registry.

  • PHTS Vanguard Centers will be selected on November 1 of each year, following the October 31st-3rd quarter form deadline.
  • PHTS Vanguard Centers will be recognized annually at the PHTS Fall Membership Meeting.

Center Qualification Guidelines