Join PHTS – Institutional Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Heart Transplant Society (PHTS). Institutional Membership is open to all pediatric transplant centers. Institutional membership includes all transplant staff at a member institution. Institutional members have access to all benefits of PHTS including the ability to vote, hold office, and serve on committees.

Why join PHTS?

PHTS is a vibrant database with a wealth of patient data that is under constant review and analysis. There are many benefits to participating in PHTS both as an institutional member and an individual member. PHTS has over 62 participating hospitals, we have an active network of more than 500 transplant professionals involved in the society.

International Network of Transplant Professionals
Members and Affiliates are provided access to an international network of transplant professionals

Membership Directory
Members and Affiliates have access to other members through PHTS Basecamp allowing them to find contact information for members.

Members and Affiliates can register and participate in PHTS Annual Meetings

Committees and Task Forces
Members can participate on committees and/or task forces including steering, database, scientific, communications, health disparities, etc. Affiliates are limited to a select number of committees and task forces.

Members and Affiliates are provided access to quarterly newsletters.

Educational and Informational Resources
Members and Affiliates are provided access to several educational and informational resources. These include access to:

  • Pediatric Heart Transplants: A Guide for Patients and Families
    • Free access to digital copy
    • Discounted rate of $10 per copy + shipping
  • Pediatric Heart Transplant Society Brochures (Free)
  • COVID-19 Dashboard and Reporting
  • What’s Pumping in Pediatric Heart Transplant Research?
  • Heart University

COVID-19 Resources
PHTS currently collects data on COVID-19 infections in the PHTS Registry and provides regularly updated infographics and a COVID-19 Dashboard on COVID-19 cases to the public.  There is also a COVID-19 FORUM in PHTS Basecamp that is available to all Members and Affiliates. 

Online Forums
PHTS Basecamp provides a variety of online forums for networking, sharing ideas, getting advice and feedback, comparing strategies and collaboration. These forums are available to Members and Affiliates.

Resources for Junior and Trainee Members
Junior and trainee members can access two online communities in PHTS Basecamp one for Early Career Professionals and the other Student/Resident/Trainees. PHTS Basecamp also hosts a forum dedicated to mentoring. These resources are available to Members and Affiliates.

Resources for Job Seekers
Members and Affiliates have access to a dedicated PHTS Basecamp forum for posting and seeking available job opportunities in the field of heart transplantation.

International Registry
PHTS operates The Pediatric Heart Transplant Society Registry. The PHTS Registry is an international prospective, event driven, quality improvement registry for pediatric transplantation. Participation in the registry is included with each Institutional Membership.  

Grants and Awards
PHTS funds research and investigator awards annually. Grant and Award funding opportunities are restricted to PHTS Institutional Members. 

Being part of PHTS is an excellent forum for networking and community involvement.

Participate in Research
Opportunity for Publication

Collaborative Opportunities

Access to Quality Assurance and Benchmarking Report for participating hospitals

US News and World Report
includes PHTS participation as a factor in its Best Pediatric Hospital Annual Rankings

If you are interested in enrolling your hospital in the PHTS registry, follow the steps below. Institutional Membership fees are $6,000 US per year.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Submit an IRB application to your local review board. A few useful documents are listed below. Once you receive approval, forward a copy of the approval to Craig Collum at the PHTS DCC. If your IRB requires informed consent and/or HIPAA Authorization, forward a copy of these documents as well with your IRB. If not, send documentation of a waiver

  1. PHTS Bylaws 
  2. PHTS Current Forms
  3. Participating Centers
  4. Publications
  5. Example Consent Form
  6. Example Assent Form

Step 3:

Each center is required to pay an annual membership fee each year for participation in PHTS. Initial payment is due at time of enrollment.

Step 4:

Add members of your center to the PHTS mailing list by clicking here.