Guidebook for Heart Transplant

Pediatric Heart Transplant: A Guide for Patients and Families is a manual designed to provide information about heart transplantation in children for parents and family members. We hope that you find this information helpful, but please remember that it does not replace the important guidelines and information you and your child will get from your heart transplant team. It is a general guide only and does not replace the skill, knowledge, and experience of a qualified medical professional.

Sections include:

  • Before the Transplant
  • The Transplant
  • After the Transplant
  • Additional Resources

To view the whole guide, click here

To view the whole guide, click here

This valuable, educational resource is now being offered as a paperback booklet to PHTS participating centers for $12/booklet + shipping!

If you are an individual interested in purchasing a booklet, please contact the Executive Director.