The PHTS Foundation

The PHTS Foundation was established in 2010 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to raise and administer funds to advance the science and treatment of children while listed for and following heart transplantation. The PHTS Foundation supports the good works of the Pediatric Heart Transplant Society (PHTS).

The Pediatric Heart Transplant Society (PHTS) is dedicated to the advancement of the science and treatment of children during listing for and following heart transplantation. Although there are 500 transplants a year, any individual center may only do a few and even the largest centers rarely do more than 20. It is essential that each center’s experience and information is collected together, analyzed and the lessons learned passed on to everyone to advance the knowledge and improve the treatment of children’s transplants. The purposes of the PHTS are to establish and maintain an international database for heart transplantation, to use the database to encourage and stimulate basic and clinical research in the field of pediatric heart transplantation, and to promote new therapeutic strategies.