Enduring Hearts – PHTS Award

All members of participating institutions are encouraged to apply for the Enduring Hearts-PHTS Investigator Award. One project will be selected per PHTS proposal cycle (2 projects funded per year).

Terms of Award:

Funding Support

  • Up to $2,500 to co-fund statistical support and access to PHTS Data Coordinating Center for mutually approved projects.
  • For the primary investigator:
    • $1,500 to support the investigator’s attendance to either the ISHLT or AHA meetings provided that the investigator has an abstract accepted for oral, or poster, presentation
    • Up to $3,500 for open access publication of the study. To receive this publication incentive, the manuscript must be accepted and made available for open access, in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplant, or an equivalent journal, within 2 years from the studies award date and on receipt of a PDF of the accepted manuscript.
  • The co-funded study’s abstracts and accepted manuscripts will be virtually presented to Enduring Hearts’ Scientific Advisory Committee at a mutually agreed upon time preferably related to acceptance of the abstract or manuscript for presentation/publication.
  • As part of the award, PHTS agrees to co-fund with the following:
    • Up to $12,500 to co-fund data processing, management, and statistical support from the PHTS Data Coordinating Center.

Lay Summaries

  • Provide a lay summary during the following milestones:
    • At the time of proposal
    • At the time of abstract submission
    • At the time of presentation
    • At the time of manuscript submission

Results of Research

  • Virtual presentation of the abstract to the Enduring Hearts Scientific Advisory Committee
  • The results of funded research must be submitted in one of the following formats within three (3) years of the initial date of funding as:
    • a manuscript to the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation or an AHA journal;
    • an abstract for the ISHLT Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions or AHA Scientific Sessions; and
    • a report for publication in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation or an AHA journal.
  • The results of funded research cannot have been previously published or presented prior to publication in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation or an AHA Journal or presentation at the ISHLT or the AHA Annual Meeting.
  • The following language must be included in all presentations, posters, or manuscripts: “This research was supported in part by a grant from Enduring Hearts and the Pediatric Heart Transplant Society.”

A complete list of Enduring Hearts Funding priorities can be found here.

Application to Enduring Hearts/PHTS Award

Previous Award Winners

First Recipient:
Carmel Bogle, MD
Boston Children’s Hospital
Abstract: Obesity Leads to Increased Mortality in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients – A Pediatric Heart Transplant Society Study (ISHLT 2020)

Second Recipient:
Bethany Wisotzkey, MD
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Abstract: Risk Factors for One-Year Mortality and Allograft Loss in Pediatric Heart Transplant Patients Using Machine Learning: Analysis of the PHTS Database (AHA 2020)

Third Recipient:
Laura D’Addese, MD
Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
Abstract: Aspirin use and the development of cardiac allograft vasculopathy in pediatric heart transplant recipients (ISHLT 2021)

Fourth Recipient:
Dipankar Gupta, MD
University of Florida
Abstract: Use Of Donor Hearts With Low Ejection Fraction In Pediatric Heart Transplantation: A PHTS Analysis (ISHLT 2022)

Fifth Recipient:
Irene Lytrivi, MD
Columbia University – Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian (CPM)
Abstract: Contemporary outcomes and management strategies of pediatric cardiac transplantation with a positive retrospective HLA crossmatch (AHA 2022)

Sixth Recipient:
Madeleine Townsend, MD
University of Alberta (UOA)
Abstract: Statin Use in Pediatric Heart Transplantation Recipients in the Current Era (ISHLT 2023)

Seventh Recipient:
Natalie Shwaish, MD
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (LLU)
Abstract: Chronic corticosteroid immunosuppression in African American pediatric heart transplant recipients: risk without reward? (AHA 2023)

Eighth Recipient:
Jenna Schauer, MD
Columbia University – Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian (CPM)
Abstract: The psychological toll of pediatric heart transplant: an assessment of burden, risk factors and programmatic support (AHA 2024)