Data Request Form

This form is to be used for minor data request (basic frequencies and request requiring less than 4 hours of analytic time) for research proposal submissions, quality assurance requests for site specific data, or other minor data request.

PHTS Proposal Cycle Data Request

PHTS now holds a Call for Proposals twice each year for data analyzed in collaboration with the DCC. The fall proposal cycle will open in September of each year and the accepted proposals will target the AHA abstract deadline in June. The spring proposal cycle will open in February of each year and the accepted proposals will target the ISHLT abstract deadline in November. All PHTS members are encouraged to participate in this opportunity. 

The proposals are blinded and reviewed by the PHTS Scientific Committee. Submitting authors are notified of the committee’s decision in the following months after the final submission date. Investigators who are planning to submit a proposal are strongly encouraged to contact the DCC about specific data points to include in their proposal. To do so, please complete the form below.

DCC turn around time on request is within 2 weeks.

When requesting data frequencies, please provide the question number and the specific variable names listed on the current version of annotated forms.