1993 Forms (Archived)

Data collection for the Pediatric Heart Transplant Study began on January 1, 1993. The following forms were used for data collection from the start of PHTS until December 31, 1995. Patient eligibility started with patients under the age of 18 transplanted in the year 1993, therefore, some listings occurred in the year 1992 for the inaugural year of PHTS data submission.

Form 1: Initial Patient Entry at Listing
Form 1t: Transplant Information
Form 2: Donor
Form 3: Initial Immunosuppression & Antibiotics
Form 4: Coronary Evaluation
Form 5: Rejection
Form 6: Infection
Form 7: Malignancy/Lymphoproliferative Disease
Form 10: Death
Form 11: Re-Transplantation
Form 12: Pre-Transplant Follow-up