The Pediatric Heart Transplant Society is a multidisciplinary, professional, and collaborative organization dedicated to advancing the science and treatment of children through the journey of heart transplantation.


  • Maintaining an international, prospective, event driven, quality improvement registry for pediatric heart transplantation
  • Promoting collaboration among professionals in the field of pediatric heart transplantation
  • Encouraging and stimulating basic and clinical research in the field of pediatric heart transplantation
  • Promoting new therapeutic strategies
  • Providing educational resources for patients and families
  • Holding bi-annual meetings featuring presentations and discussions relevant to pediatric heart transplantation
  • Developing best practices and procedures for caring for children after heart transplant
  • Awarding research grants for the study of pediatric heart transplantation
  • Making available limited datasets for approved research projects
  • Increasing awareness of pediatric heart transplantation
  • Providing annual quality assurance reports and benchmarking for participating hospitals